Black Magic German Shepherds
                        Why buy from us?
There are lots of German Shepherd breeders out there. Some good, some not-so-good. We would like to tell you some of the things that set us apart from most other breeders. This list may help you to compare. Take your time and consider carefully - and remember that buying a German Shepherd pup of exceptional quality will save you money in the long run. A quality dog will be easier to train, have good health, and will bring you joy every day.   
1. We've been doing this a long time. 2023 is our 47th year of breeding German Shepherd dogs.  That translates into a lot of research, experience, and knowledge. Our current pups are 8th and 9th generation, and we had all those generations of dogs in our lives and home. We KNEW them. And we know what our dogs will produce now.

2. We have never sacrificed our breeding principles. That means we never bred a dog with a bad disposition or a big health problem because we needed the money. NEVER.  And we never will. Every litter is very carefully planned with the goal of producing the best dogs possible. Our quality is consistent; our scruples unwavering. We can't guarantee every one of our pups will be perfect, but that's what we strive for.

3. Our knowledge base is constantly expanding. We don't believe we know it all, but would love to! So we read everything we can find about dogs. Each week we read studies and articles on training, breeding, vaccines, holistic remedies, food sources, genetics, and a slew of related topics. Many hours are spent with other breeders and veterinarians discussing these subjects. We never stop learning and trying to improve the dogs we breed.

4. The puppies you buy from us are each raised as if they were going to be world champions.  Their care starts before they are born, as their mom receives the best of care. She eats human-grade, hormone-free food, gets proper exercise, and is kept blissfully happy. We are there for the birth of every puppy, and monitor each birth to make sure that the pups get all their cord blood, and that they nurse and get colostrum. These small things are extremely important for the future health of your puppy!  You might be suprised to learn how many litters are "found" after the birth. Not at our home!

5. It would be hard to add up just how many hours we spend matching pups to clients. Each pup is carefully observed from day one. We watch them daily while keeping in mind what you tell us you want in a grown dog. Many of these traits are exhibited very early! We have a terrific track record for getting folks the dog of their dreams because we really, truly care that you get the right dog.    

6. We take care of the details for you. Your pup is started on housebreaking before you take them home. They go for car rides. We teach them not to bite. They are socialized constantly. Familiar with kids. You will receive a packet of information before you pick up your pup that will walk you through what you need to do and have. Your puppy will have its first shots, be wormed, and healthy.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy our pups are to train, and how fast they learn.

7. We're there for you.  Email us with any questions, send us photos, share with us. Please call your vet first with emergencies, but if you'd like us to comment on health questions we will do so. You can contact us at any time by email, and we will respond to you asap. We can't take the place of your own journey to learn and train your dog (don't ask us to be trainer, vet, and daily confidante), but when you need another opinion or a little help with something do email us.

8. We maintain a dialogue with former, present and future clients through our facebook page. You are encouraged to get to know other Black Magic puppy and dog owners. Many of our clients have been buying dogs from us for 10-20 years. This can be of particular value to far-away buyers who don't have a chance to meet us in person - you can hear and see what folks that own our dogs have to say about them, uncensored.

9. If you study the laws of genetics (or you do this long enough), you'll find that one good dog bred to another good dog does not always make a litter of good pups. This is something that the hobby breeder does not always understand. The dogs we breed are chosen for their ability to produce what we are striving to make.  When you see a dog on our site who is being bred, you can find pictures and information about their grandparents, siblings and prior litters on our site also. This is a much better guarantee of what your puppy will end up to be than just having two nice parent dogs.
Good breeding is a science, not a chance meeting of two cute dogs.

10. Last but not least - We have many clients who have come back to buy another dog from us when their Black Magic German Shepherd finally passed away. We find this to be the highest form of praise, and we really, really appreciate our "dog family"!