Black Magic German Shepherds

Looking for a classic, big, old-fashioned German Shepherd puppy? The type with flat back and a great mind, that is safe around your kids? Naturally protective, but not a biter? Faithful and loving?
We've been raising that kind of dog for 48 years now.  Healthy, big GSD that adore their people.
                     What are Black Magic German Shepherds?
- Large. Oversized compared to the AKC standard. Not huge, just the way they were in the 70's. 
- Dogs that are bred to be FAMILY DOGS, first and foremost.  Nurturing and trustworthy.
- German Shepherd puppies that are raised in homes. NO kennel dogs here! 
- Carefully bred for health and temperament. Tested for good hips, elbows, DM and Embarked
- German Shepherd puppies that are sound and healthy for NINE generations now.
- Athletic but not high drive; they make terrific family dogs, SAR, therapy and service dogs.
Never bred for sloped hips or anything to compromise good health.
- Every puppy is born into our hands and is cherished, socialized, and
  carefully raised to be the absolute best pup we can produce.
  Please explore our website, and check out our Facebook page.
      We are in northern California.     No sales to breeders.

  Home of the classic, old-fashioned, large German Shepherd Dog
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Many of our clients use their German Shepherd pups as therapy dogs. We do training and are happy to train your puppy!

These are our stud dogs: kind, loving and maternal boys who can be trusted with littles.  All with good hips and clear DNA including DM.