Black Magic German Shepherds
Welcome to our PUPPY Page.   This is where you can see how our puppies are raised, and what makes them so special.  To see what pups we have available, please go to the Upcoming Litters page
Our pup's good temperament and health start with their parents. We only breed health-tested dogs with excellent dispositions. They are bred specifically to produce low-drive, faithful, tolerant and loving pups. Our males are highly maternal and along with children, help raise the pups.  Everyone raising our pups has trained with Michael Ellis and done extensive studies on how to breed and train, in order to give you outstanding puppies. Pups that grown into awesome dogs that you can trust with your kids.
Babies love to stick their fingers in dog's ears! They must be tolerant.
Here's where it starts. One of our stud dogs, Black Magic's Golden Argus, aka Gus. He loves pups and kids. Cleans all the puppies. Health tested 100% clear of 160 genetic conditions. AKC. 
OFA Excellent. Our males are as important to us as the females and are carefully chosen. Any male who was not good with children, cats, people,pups, would never be used as our stud dog.
Our girls have to be amazing, and they are. Lola, for example, who gets bred to Argus, is just so sweet and loving. She is 122 lbs, straight back, penn hipped, also 100% clear of 160 genetic diseases. Everyone loves their pups and some have bought two! Lola's mom Gracie is OFA excellent also.
Once mom is bred, she is cared for like like a rock star. Her health before and after breeding is carefully monitored. She is fed a fantastic diet, exercised and kept happy and calm. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! She's always a very happy mommy, and her pups come out content and ready to eat and be snuggled.
Next is an ultrasound, if it isn't obvious that mom is pregnant. 
Then, the wait until finally, puppies!  Our girls sleep next to us and are never left alone to have their pups. Each puppy is weighed, checked over and held close to us as they are born.   Notice that Lola's whelping room is the entire living room, complete with human bed, a couple of dog beds, her buddy, and the perfect temperature for having pups.  Every puppy is a celebration!
 The newborn pups are held every day, and snuggled by mom, kids and all the dog family. They are mildly stressed every day, which enhances growth. But mostly cuddled and rubbed all over. Especially their feet and belly.
From birth on, the pups are encouraged to grow and experience different things. They are weighed and closely examined every day during a snuggle time.  Moms are fed a special diet and they always look great, with shiny coats and plenty of stamina.  We have a system of moving the pups to progressively bigger spaces, so that as soon as their eyes open, they toddle on their unsteady legs away from the group to go potty somewhere else.   This is encouraged by always giving them a play space and a potty place. Most folks ask us why their new pup is so easy to potty train -  this is why!  Good management encourages them to keep their play and sleeping areas clean, and they learn to do so very early.  Soon more fun ensues!
The pups are given loads of toys, and encouraged to play in tunnels, have fun in the sprinklers, and play ball. They are outgoing and fun loving!
Our trained puppies (an option for you) learn how to crate train, touch (on right), and walk with a harness. They start to learn to focus on you, the basis of all good training.  All of our puppies are started very early with the recall, the most important command of all!
Puppies that are introduced to water early on are much easier to get used to pools and ponds, and swimming is great for their development. 
During the time we raise the pups, we do everything we can to help them reach their full potential. Our lives revolve around them. Does this make a difference in the pup you take home?  You better believe it!  We give them a fabulous start, you just have to keep on with their socialization and training.  We do offer puppy training, service dog training, and other services as need be.
All the folks that raise the pups have gone to Michael Ellis' school for dog trainers. We are constantly learning and using new techniques for raising the pups. You will see the difference this makes! The owner of BMGSD, Wendy, has spent 3 months in training with Michael over the course of several years.
The Portland partners, Renee (above right)  and Caitlyn, (left) had a great time last summer at Michael's puppy class.
Lots of toys and lots of playtime with kids!