Black Magic German Shepherds
How to Reserve or Buy a Black Magic German Shepherd pup
We ask that you meet this set of criteria in order to purchase one of our pups or dogs:
1.  A fenced yard.   (if you are rural and own a huge piece of land we may waive this).
2. First time big dog owners, or if you have never raised a puppy, must purchase two weeks of training with us. (minimum 2 weeks; 3-4 weeks is recommended.)  This is to give both of you a good start.
3. The ability to commit to your pup for their lifetime, which may be 10 - 14 years.
4.  The desire and means to feed your dog a high quality food, without which you cannot keep them healthy and       sound. We require you to use the food we recommend for a minimum of one year; you can request a waiver.
5.  You must agree to not breed your dog. ALSO, to not spay or neuter before your pup is, at the very least, two years of age, which means keeping them responsibly contained and chaste.   
     Early spay and neuter can lead to many severe health problems, as does over-vaccination. 
6. We will give you lots of information, info on books to read, and what DVDs to watch. After you deposit, our preference is to communicate via email so we each have a record of our conversations. If you cannot commit to these terms please do not reserve a puppy. Everything we require is for the health and welfare of your pup.  
Ready?   Please read all of the info below. Information about about deposits, etc follows:
Once you've talked to us and decided on a German Shepherd puppy or trained dog, you can either purchase a pup  if we have one available or, more likely, you'll send in a deposit and go onto our RESERVE LIST.     The majority of our pups are sold before they are born, so it's important that you get on the list in order to get a puppy.  email us:     [email protected]

Please note:     1. Deposits are $500. and are non-refundable. You can transfer them to the next available litter ONLY. Please note: we do not refund if you simply change your mind.   Your deposit is good for one change of litter. Please go to our Price/Guarantee page for pricing after you read this page.

2. We pick out your puppy for you based on what you desire in a grown dog. Please keep reading! You can specify gender and coat and color (altho colors cannot be guaranteed.)  It has come to our attention that some people pass us by because they cannot pick out their own puppy. Rest assured that we do this for YOUR benefit, not ours. When you get to "pick" your puppy from another breeder, are you choosing them from a photo?  Do you actually go and sit with the litter at different times of the day when they are 4 and 5 weeks old? Do you know that pups change dramatically from hour to hour at times?
If not, then you are fooling yourself. Picking from a photo is like throwing darts blindfolded.  It's almost impossible to tell what your puppy will be like earlier than 4-5 weeks of age, unless color is all you care about.   We have had many many years of watching our pups grow up and can predict pretty accurately what they will be like from about 4 weeks on. Trust us.  It's in our best interest too, that you get the right one. We will consider all your input and work with you to get you the pup you want.  Keep in mind that many times, when we keep a pup for ourselves, we take the last one left. So don't feel like you aren't going to get a great puppy if we choose it, or it's one of the last ones. Our clients will tell you, they got exactly what they wanted.   We will share references with you if you want to check up on us.

     Mailing  your deposit check :   (please email us when you're ready and we'll give you the address.)                     
Please make checks payable to Wendy Lumbert. 
We will mail you an information packet well before your puppy is ready for pickup.  It will give you all the info you need to know about books, crates, vaccines, early training and food.  We ship you puppy food. 
We will post or send you pictures as the litter grows up, usually once a week at the minimum. 

SHIPPING - We are currently not shipping any puppies.
We don't ship in cargo.  We do have a puppy nanny who will fly your pup out in First Class, in the cabin. We can fly all the way to the East Coast.  The pup gets to come out half way for a potty stop. Our puppy nanny is highly experienced and we have had rave reviews every time we fly a pup with him.

A lot of time folks fly out, rent a car, and drive back.  Our pups all have spent time in the car before you get them so this usually goes well.

We will drive to meet you when we are able to do so, if you want to drive. Our charges are based on time and mileage.  Contact us for a quote if you want to meet.
*****   Please do not get a puppy if you have to go back to work after a week or two and plan to leave
 your pup at home alone. This will make a sad and neurotic puppy. Better to get a grown dog.