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Black Magic German Shepherds
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Please note: We do not sell ANY pups for breeding. All pups are sold for family pets only.

Reserve your pup early!  Most pups are reserved before they are born. Some litters
have a discounted price if you reserve a pup before the litter is born.

 If you have gotten a Black Magic dog from us you can contact us for special prices.

                                       More info on our Upcoming Litters page 

Mata pup from her 2020 litter with Joshua.  Exceptionally nice litter!  Clients buying a second pup!   We kept a girl ourselves.
We'll post puppy pics here from current litters when we have them, so you can see how our pups are raised and socialized. There are no kennel dogs here, our pups are raised in our homes. They are loved and brought along with all the technology we have found so that we can produce exceptional puppies. They are introduced to strangers, kids, big dogs, little dogs, cats, all kinds of sounds, many different kinds of footings, water, tunnels, and a huge variety of stimulating toys. Their puppy area is kept meticulously clean and they have separate potty, play and sleep areas. Our pups are exceptional because they are raised to be that way. You'll be able to tell the difference!
One year old male from Lizzy and Crown Royal. He's a very large puppy!!.
We have pups in black and tan, black and silver, white, blue and black.
 They are always flat backed, Old-Fashioned German Shepherds. Large, with fantastic temperaments, bred to be dependable family dogs. Low drive so they will be great with your toddlers, cats, chickens - all your family members!
                            What you get when you take home a puppy from BMGSD

- Our litters go out with puppy training from birth - we are highly experienced at early stimulation and socialization
- Two sets of vaccines, specially formulated to overcome maternal antibodies and protect your puppy
- Mom and pups are dosed with safe wormers and coccidia preventatives for optimum health
- Both mom and pups are fed the highest quality kibble combined with our homemade dog food (human grade!)
- You will receive a 1 year guarantee with your puppy, which is valuable mostly because we are breeding our 7th  generation of healthy dogs who have had hips certified by penn hip or OFA and are Embark tested clear DNA.
 - We give you one month's insurance with Trupanion, effective immediately when you pick up your pup
-  Please look at our Price/ Guarantee page to see all the things we do to prepare your puppies to be great.
    Our training program produces the best pups you will find anywhere.  Pups are raised by trainers, in house.
We train pups for service and therapy, like this girl who will be helping Katie with autistic challenges.