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This page is dedicated to my friend and hero, Dolly DeCair, and her fabulous Arabian stallion: 
                                  Wazirs Karahty
Karahty and his son, Karbon Kopy; check out the length of Karahty's trot!
    Karahty was the greatest U.S. Endurance racing stallion that ever lived.

His last finish was in 1992, and though many stallions have tried to equal his record, none have. His statistics speak for themselves:

             30 Wins            21 Best conditions          55 races with 54 finishes 

In 1988 Wazirs Karahty won a 100 mile race in 8 hours, 48 minutes, with B.C. 
Even though Wazirs Karahty and his remarkable owner and rider, Dolly DeCair are not highly publicized, statistics prove that both of them were superstars.   Dolly rode Karahty to his many wins, along with his sons AAA Amadeus (who has an incredible record including second place on TEVIS), Khashoggi, and now Karahty's Karbon Kopy.  This website is devoted to Dolly and her "boys".  She set records with Karahty that have not been broken to this day; sleeping in the back of her trailer, feeding nothing more scientific than hay and grain.  You rock, Dolly!!      Keep on keeping on!  (Dolly came in top ten at the Bandit Springs 50 on Karbon Kopy, a breeding stallion and son of Wazirs Karahty, in 2008, at age seventy..) 5th place in 2011. And now at age 81, Dolly still saddles up to ride Karbon, even after recent back surgery.
         Wazirs Karahty Babies
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Karahty's Trueheart  -  Bred and raised by Wendy Lumbert.  Now owned and trained by Sherry Hanover. Great horse who finished all his 50s looking wonderful.  Joker finished Old Dominion 55 in 2011 in great form!
Mio Bella Karahty - Bred and trained by Wendy Lumbert and George Paptzun.  Bella has finished four 50's.    
Karahty's Cajun - Bred and raised by Wendy Lumbert and George Paptzun. Owned, trained and competed by John Sturm.  Cajun has a long career of LD rides and a top ten 50 miler.
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AAA Amadeus - Karahty's most winning son, trained and ridden by Dolly DeCair.
SECOND, 4th and 11th place on the Tevis Cup race, 28 Top tens, 7 wins.
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Karahty's Karbon Kopy - This beautiful chestnut son of Karahty is proving to be as athletic as his sire Karahty. He is already top tenning races, and siring gorgeous foals that have his sweet and willing disposition. Raced and trained by Dolly! Top tenned!
                Want an incredible sporthorse?   Breed your mare to Karbon Kopy !  
Karahty's Alida - Started under saddle at 14 and still came in 14th on her second 50! Bred by Maureen Mathison, now owned, trained and competed by Daniel Tautenhan.
Alida is bred to Karbon, and we bet that is going to be one nice foal!! 
Karahty's Cayman -  Bred, raised and trained by Wendy Lumbert and George Paptzun. Now owned and competed by Charisse Glenn. Charisse is obviously doing a great job managing Cayman as he just came in second place his first 75.
Karahty Chaos - This gorgeous 16H Karahty son was bred,raised and trained by Wendy Lumbert. He's never done endurance except for one LD ride where I got lost, fell off (long story!) and watched him run an additional 10 miles at a full gallop. We ended up coming in 16th after all that. He's a dearly loved trail horse, owned by Nancy Mayo, who does not ride endurance but says Chaos is the most fabulous horse ever!
Karahty Khashoggi A sweet, athletic and beautiful stallion who was raised and trained by Dolly and is now owned by Dennis Monsen, in Foresthill. 9 top tens out of 13 races.  Dennis says he has ridden stallions for 34 years and Shoggi is one of the nicest he's ever known, with a great personality. Watch for Shoggi's sons to race this year.
Karlady owned and competed by Naomi Preston. AERC War Mare award for NW in 2009.
2550 endurance miles!  33 top tens, 2 wins.  Wow!
Karahty's Moriah -  860 miles in endurance.
Karahty's Dancer - 12 races, 7 top tens, carrying a heavyweight.
Karahty's Rocket -  bred and raised by Lori Stewart. 1985 endurance miles. 3 Tevis Cup finishes, one Old Dominion 100 mile finish. 
Blissful Sunday - Trained and competed by Wendy Lumbert. Bliss then went on to Lois Wifall, who did some great races and won the AERC War Mare award with her. 
2105 Endurance miles, 25 top tens!
Karahty's Rocketeer - Owned and competed by David Bennet. 1460 endurance miles, all on the east coast where the humidity is awful. A fabulous and dearly loved horse! 
Karahty's Sir Era Out of a quarter horse mare; 775 endurance miles. 100% completion! 
Karahty's Last Dance (Sport) - bred and raised by Wendy Lumbert.
This beautiful athletic gelding reminds us so much of his dad - he is so versatile and athletic!   Update:  Sport came in second place on his first 100, ridden by the Blakelys.