Black Magic German Shepherds
A few words about our prices.....  
There are a couple things we'd like you to consider when thinking about your new puppy purchase. First, think about what you want. A puppy or dog that will be safe around your children, friends and family. A healthy dog that will hopefully have a long life without problems. A furry best friend that brings you joy without asking anything in return. How much are you willing to pay for this type of quality? In a world where a bicycle can easily cost $5000.,or a short trip to Disneyland $1000 a day., what we charge doesn't seem like much for 10-14 years of love, protection and companionship. In fact, it's a really small amount for what goes into producing your puppy.

Second, think about the folks that raise these dogs. We have sire and dams, siblings and growing pups to care for year round, 365 days a year.  Every day begins and ends with animal care, including holidays, birthdays, sick days and rainy days. Some years we don't have litters, but there are still dogs to care for. Where we live (ALWAYS in the country, on acreage), the house we live in (has to have a puppy room and a door into a fenced yard), and how we live our lives every day is all done with the dog's best interests in mind. 

When pups are born we are right with the mom for the 5-24 hours it takes to whelp a litter. We stay by her side to make sure each pup is birthed without problems, and usually sleep with the momma dog for several nights prior to the birth.  (Some of the smart females learn to play this up after the first litter!  Every single day of its life,your puppy is handled many times a day. Starting at one day of age, each puppy is taken away from its littermates and given individual attention. This stress stimulates the immune system as well as accustoming the puppies early to humans. At weaning time we feed 5-6 times a day. The last feeding is at midnight, the first morning feeding at dawn.
So please, take all this into account when you are looking at our prices. Remember that not all people raising or selling pups are the same. Know that pups from pet stores are most often obtained from puppy mills that keep dogs in cages for life.       Do consider what it will cost you for good food and vet care and make sure you can afford a dog. 

We encourage you to look at your local GSD rescue for dogs that need a home, especially if you don't have children and/or you have the knowledge to choose a good healthy pet.

   What we do with our pups after 9 weeks old:  (price increase due to lots more time and training)

1.)  A second set of vaccines, and heartworm preventative if you wish.
2.)  A well puppy check at the vet to familiarize the pup with the vet and make it fun.
3.)  Beginning leash or harness work.
4.)  Sit for treats. Touch. Beginning focus.  (introduction to marker training)
5.)  Prompt recall when called.  (come)
6.)  Additional time in the car travelling.
7.)  Extended time in the house.  Housebreaking is worked on each day. 
8.)  Each puppy is handled individually every day by at least 2 different people.
9.)  Introduction to bodies of water.  (more so in summer)
10.)  Continued crate training.
11.)  Supervised introduction to safe big dogs.

Pups that are older than 16 weeks:

Each one will be priced according to age and level of training. Please check the  Trained Pups  page for more info.

Puppy Prices
Our Guarantee
We give each puppy a one-year guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia and diseases that are clearly genetic and not environmental.  You do NOT have to return your pup if it qualifies for a replacement, but you do have to spay or neuter to receive another pup. We will give you a copy of our guarantee when you get your pup so you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you.  There are requirements on both sides for our guarantee.  All pups coming back to us MUST be returned at buyer's cost. We are available by EMAIL for questions for the life of your dog if you do not abuse that. Clients that need extensive counseling will be asked to purchase training.
We do everything we can to produce genetically sound dogs that are healthy and have good temperaments. We start preparing for healthy puppies by having sound, healthy breeding dogs who are fed top quality food. We study siblings and grandparents for many generations before mating our dogs. Genetics, however, are only 50% or less of what determines a healthy adult dog. You will determine much of your dog's future.
 We want you to have a healthy, sane, intelligent dog. We do not sell sick or mentally unstable dogs, EVER.        On the other hand, you have responsiblities too. It's up to you to feed your dog an excellent quality food (we'll tell you all about that) in the correct amounts, to exercise your dog wisely, and to raise it mindfully. We'll give you fabulous quality clay; you'll be the one to mold it. Producing a great dog is a two-way street.  
Part of your guarantee is you agreeing to limit vaccines and do NOT spay or neuter before 2 years of age. Please also be very mindful about chemicals, found in wormers, flea and tick control etc, which can cause cancer and sickness.
We do NOT give cash refunds.  Deposits are non-refundable.
If you think our dogs are expensive, please read this:    (if not, proceed to the reserve your pup page) 

Discount for active military, police, and firefightersWe have finally had to raise our prices. 
Each of our litters is raised by at least three adults. We spare no expense in training (both pups and people), supplies, food, proper environment, health testing, and vet care. It all makes a difference.
(You will receive a longer, more detailed guarantee when you buy your pup)
Current Pricing: Most of our pups are 5k.  Please email for pricing if not posted.
All our pups come with very specific training which makes them easier to housebreak, train, and to integrate into your family. Our methods are similar to "super puppy" training but are much more comprehensive. Where your puppy grows up has been researched and designed to stimulate your pup and increase intelligence. Their space opens up every week to introduce more room and more stimulation. This is extremely important. It also makes the puppies easier to housebreak, because they have always had clearly defined and separate play and potty areas.  We now include an extra week of training in our puppy price, which will get your pup used to a crate, sleeping longer at night, walking on a harness, sit and touch.
1. Each puppy gets handled several times a day from birth. They are separated from their litter mates and are held and played with individually, by several different people, including children.
2. We give single vaccines, on separate days, for parvo and distemper before you get your puppy.
3 The pups live in a large, stimulating environment which is changed and added to extensively as they mature.
4. Each pup is wormed and has at least one negative fecal from a vet before going to new homes.
5. The pups are socialized to big dogs, children, adults, babies when possible, and either livestock or cats.
6. They are groomed, bathed, and have their nails trimmed. We handle their feet a lot.
7. They get lots of training to prevent nipping and jumping on us. If you are going to use your puppy for sport training (i.e. agility), advanced obedience, etc, let us know and we will not teach so much impulse control.
8. Each puppy goes on several car rides, for a total of several hours.  (keep this up!)
​9. All pups have separate eating/playing areas and bathroom areas and they are taught to keep them that way.
10. We work on recall starting at about 4 weeks of age; we consider joyous and prompt recall to be imperative.
Our price reflects the amount of time we put into each litter by giving every puppy individual attention from birth onwards. It is much more a labor of love than a way to make money.   Each litter is literally raised by a team of people whose lives revolve around these dogs and puppies 24 hours a day from the moment the litter is born. We hope you can appreciate this. You'll find that our puppies are quite unique in their remarkable intelligence and ease of training. Remember, all our dogs are loved, trained and cared for year round, whether or not they have pups.