What our clients have to say about their dogs and our training.......
           Black Magic German Shepherds

Mockba is great and a second one I would expect to be just as great!  I took him for his first hotel weekend last weekend and he was fantastic!  My niece is the production coordinator for Extreme Makeover Home Edition so we went to see her in action in Toledo Ohio.  Mockba met all the TV designers for the show that were in our hotel and they all loved him!       Liz  

Hi, Wendy -
I'm attaching all of the "Air Köna" pictures for you as they're really a riot!  You'd have to see it to believe it, but this crazy dog actually understands that the objective of the game is to get and keep the ball and dribble it!  She can't shoot, obviously, but she will take the ball and run with it and is very good at guiding it along on the ground.  It's hilarious!!  She's very aggressive and it's not at all unusual to turn and see her flying by at eye level in pursuit of the ball!  Ha! Ha!  I worried about her doing that at first . . . but her vet said she's a STRONG dog with GREAT hips and not to get too concerned.  She tore a dew claw once, but that's been her only sports related injury so far.  (Knock on wood!)
That's so funny about Minime and her new cat friend.  You probably don't recall, but Köna's best friend is our cat, Puffer.  She saved Puffer's life while we were living in California and the two were inseparable while Puffer lived outside.  Now that we've moved east, Puffer is now enjoying the luxurious life of an indoor cat but we're able to let her outside from time to time as Köna keeps a watchful eye on her.  Conversely, sometimes Köna gets to come in and visit and they lay side by side.       Karen

Hi Wendy, 
We are so very pleased with Isaac's demeanor. He is playful enough for  Emmy, but we see how mature he is getting, calm, patient, and sweet with children. Yesterday we met some very tiny children in the vet's  office and they wanted to pet him. I had no reservations to allow them 
to pet him and he licked them back, very sweetly. We just love him.
He weighs 119 lbs.  I am wondering how we can tell if he is gaining too 
much weight? Should we be concerned? He eats more than he did before we 
got Emmy, who eats many times a day. Is there a reason to be concerned?
Thank you,
Carol Cartier.
Black Magic's Saba
Everything about Saba is more than we expected. She excels in puppy and intermediate classes. She is growing fast and today weighed 57 pounds. When does she stop? Forty four pounds in three months!! Our Rotty did not gain weight that quickly. Saba is a joy and has made a big difference in our lives. We take her to the ocean at least once a week where she loves to play with other dogs and will even run into the water when other dogs do. When the ten o'clock a.m. off lease curfew ends she will sit quietly between us at a restaurant's outside table while Cathy and I eat breakfast. She has learned hand signals as well as verbal commands and we practice daily. People often remark what a beautiful GSD she is and we agree. She loves dogs, puppies, people and kids and tolerates our three household cats. Every day we look forward to Saba's antics, playtimes and walks. We made a good choice purchasing our girl from you.
 Here's what Donna has to say about our Minime, who she calls Mimi..."She does have a very "laid back" personality, which is good because she spends time alone a lot and that seems to suit her just fine.  But as time has passed.......she has definitely learned how to be a dog when she wants or needs to.   She gets quite rowdy when I come home, she gets all bouncy and silly, then wants me to chase her!   She gets into the cupboards in the kitchen where I keep her goodies ( she opens the doors!)   she does not like people to come to the door.....and let me tell you when she starts barking the whole house shakes......when strangers are around outside she barks and lunges at them and has the most wicked growl.  I just love it.   She goes to work with me a few times week and does very well with all the old folks and they think she is just wonderful!    She plays with my cats....she diligently guards my one and only chicken.   She lets the cats play with her tail and she doesn't even care that they try to find out what she is chewing on when she has a bone and I mean they get right in her face.   I find that she doesn't like men very much.  And she gets very upset if I am in the house alone and someone just comes in,   she can get downright UGLY!    I will take very good care of her for the rest of her days!      I love my MiMi!    She is the best! "   Donna

Hi Wendy, 
I don't know if you remember me but I bought a pup from you in 2001, Max.  Max is now 10 years old and just had his check-up. The Vet checked for cancer, arthritis, signs of weakness in limbs and spine, etc. She couldn't believe that a 10 year old Shepherd was in such great shape; she said most GSD's she sees are pretty much on their way out at 10.  But Max got a perfect bill of health and is still very active. 
Just knowing that we have such a healthy dog, at 10, reinforces my belief that you should always buy from a responsible breeder. These 10 years have flown by and i can't imagine life without him.
Danielle Rodriguez

New ones as of April 2021

Early letter from from Anne who has Sunny:   Wendy, Read this at your leisure. I have not even had Sunny 24 hours yet. He goes potty like a pro.  I have to watch him with my black sable Pixie. She is a bit sharp, but does Sunny care? Not. He has been catching her tail and pulling. I suppose when he is a bit bigger he will be able to actually move her. He is learning his name quickly. He is eating and drinking very well. 

If you could have seen my trainer's face when she met him. She is a pretty tough gal from Berlin, Germany. She doesn't trust people much. She certainly doesn't trust me to pick a good puppy. Also, I think she doesn't trust breeders either. Anyway, she is already planning Sunny's life. We have started on puppy massage. She has requested other students leave their loud puppies at home lest they disrupt the classes. When I asked her about my puppy barking or screeching, she said, Well we will just talk louder. He wins hearts faster than any dog I have ever had. 

I do have to keep my eye on him at all times. We have a ledge around our porch (portal in Santa Fe) and I saw him jump on it and do a tightrope act along it. I have no idea what is next when he has been here for 24 hours. I gave him a bath. No problem. I told him he could not chew Pixie's blanket. No problem. I have never had a dog like this. Thank you is not nearly enough. As we progress, I shall send pictures. Anne
Very proud of Anne and Sunny!  He has his CGC and the first two legs of his AKC obedience degree!
Hi Wendy,
Here's a bit about Koda;
He is stunningly gorgeous in coat and color. He moves powerfully and yet so gracefully he looks light even though he weighs about 110 lbs at about 21 months old. He is very fast, quick and agile and has an amazing leap. He has deep, beautiful eyes that convey his adoration and attention to his people very well. His ears stand up firm and his head is proportionate. Although his head is not blocky, it's not so refined as to look dainty or effeminate. His chest is deep and broad and his back is long, flat and ties in strong with his hips and powerful, well-muscled back legs.
Koda is very smart; figures things out like trying doors to see if they're latched, leash trained in about twenty minutes when he was very young, and knows all the routines of the house.
He defines loyalty; follows us around the house, sleeps at the foot of the bed and is always paying attention to us.
He loves kids, other dogs, and we can even trust him with our cat who loves to nuzzle him, rub up against him and lie down near him.
At about a year old he got his big dog voice and he has a booming, powerful bark. About the same time he started becoming protective of the house and the yard, yet he doesn't have any aggression in him.
He is a very happy boy, he's obedient (for a big energetic puppy), and he seems to truly care about whether or not we're happy with him. He is very sorry after he's done something bad. If he's gotten into something he shouldn't have while we've been out, we know it right away because he is slinking around looking guilty!
We bought Koda because we believed he would become the the kind of dog we wanted, and he has exceeded our expectations. He is still whole because I have always thought late neutering is best, and Koda's disposition and temperament even as he is nearly two years old is still so ideal he might never motivate me to neuter him. 
Please feel free to offer potential buyers of his offspring the opportunity to meet him and/or talk with me about him.
Also, on his registration we like "Black Magic's Koda Bear" for his name. 
Jesse       Nevada City CA

Jean got a Lizzy puppy and two weeks training, here are her comments: Molly is incredible! She is ringing the bell to go outside. She just watched my other dog do it.  She slept 7 hours last night , then another 1/2 hour before I got up and had her play.  She goes into all the dog kennels to play and rest and lies on all the dog beds around the house to play with her toys. She doesn't get into anything, I just say no. You did an amazing job with her!
From Anne in New Mexico who is doing an amazing job with Mr. Sunshine AKA Sunny.  He has degrees in Rally and Obedience, has his CGS and Star puppy and is working on more degrees! A Jamison puppy. 
From Anne: 
Hi Wendy, Here we are receiving a Rally Advanced Title. Sunny scored 98, 99, and 89, thanks to me for going the wrong way at a sign. He forgave me because he is a sweet boy. The Competition was held in a horse barn with footing to lame every human there. Sunny was a trouper. Everyone loves that sweet boy so much, I have to be careful they don’t feed him at shows. As usual, I can’t say enough good things about your Black Magic Shepherds. You have changed a lot of minds here in New Mexico about that breed. Many regards, Anne Hodde and Sunnybunny
Lizzy puppy, one of three that went to Michigan.  Less than a year old here.  From his dad Tony:  He’s huge! Lol!!! 105lbs!  Doing really well!! He is such a lover! He always wants to play all day!! We took him on a trip to Lowe’s recently (his first) and people kept stopping us, “omg he is so cute, i have never seen a GSD so handsome”! We love him so much and a great addition to our family! 

Love those Lizzy pups! So big!!!!! 
Take care!