Black Magic German Shepherds

Here are some of our wonderful dogs and their families. Not only are they terrific family dogs, but good working dogs also.
 You can find more pictures on this page.   Or if you want to see our foundation dogs, go to this page.

 We have a few famous dogs: 
Miley Cyrus  and her pup 
"Black Magic Mate of the Stars"

            Photo Gallery
We breed our dogs to be great with kids
Zorro is so soft to nap on!
Our stud dog Jamison adores his baby girl Nevie.
Are our dogs too big to be athletic?  You decide!
The fabulous Willow, in Seattle.
Kona, the best basketball playing 
dog ever!
Some of our dogs have serious jobs to do.
Storm is a seizure alert dog who has saved her owner's life.  She also does dock diving, IPO, and is a focused obedience dog.
Our dearly loved Minime, helping out at a nursing home.
Our dogs are great face washers!
Ali says, no one touches this baby without my permission!   (left)
Lucas Henry visits nursing homes weekly and comforts the elderly.
Our dog's most important job is raising the kids and protecting our families.
Koda loves to go paddle boarding!