Black Magic German Shepherds
Meet our exceptional white German Shepherds
There are some common misconceptions about white GSD. Yes, they are regular German Shepherds, just white.  Yes, they can be registered with AKC and CKC. They are just like classic black and tan GSD, just white.  What we have found from 44 years of breeding GSD is that the healthiest, most stable temperament white GSD are produced with one black and tan parent.. We do NOT breed white to white GSD, ever. 
White and black are recessive genes... and in our experience it is a bad idea to breed two recessives together.   Our white GSD have at least one black and tan parent. They are robustly healthy, and have the same great temperament that all our other GSD have.  Our white pups have never had health problems.
Our white boy Lucca and his sister Cinna, both OFA good hips, DM clear.... fabulous dogs. 1 year old.
One of Sasha's lovely white girls, Indi.
Our white pups have fully black pigment by the time their eyes are open at 10 days old.
Lucca has beautiful eyes and expression!
       Lucca adores his mom, Gracie.
Another lovely 6 month old male, Finnbar.
Our stud dog Argus and one of his sons.  Argus has OFA Excellent hips, and is a fantastic sire. Great with people, pups and kids. He has beautiful caramel tones. He produces classic pups in many colors.

White GSD are wonderful for folks who may have friends and family who are a little shy about big dogs. No one can keep their hands off these beautiful pups!
Koa is a young male, 6 months old, out of our stud dog Argus.
Another one of our huge handsome pups!
      A very happy Teddy, the huge Argus son.
Our newest stud dog Crown Royal, is an Argus son. Whites can produce gorgeous black and tan pups, blue and black too!